As part of the efforts to educate, empower and imbibe in the younger generation of Ghana a sense of collaboration effort in making and building Ghana into a great country. The NCCE has organized its annual Citizenship Week Celebration. The Citizenship Week Celebration was organized from 30th May 2022, and runs through the month of June under the theme Sustaining our democracy. Ghanaian Values in Practice. Citizenship Week Celebration is one of NCCE’s flagship Programmes designed for the in-school youth. During the week’s celebration, the commission engages volunteers from the academia, business groups, and professionals. Who go the basic schools in the country and interact with the pupils and encourage them to be good citizens. The theme for 2022 citizenship week celebration, sustaining our democracy, Ghanaian values in practice was chosen to address the issues of broken values in the Ghanaian society that is likely to pose threat to the Ghanaian future generation and may cause hitches and break the democracy that has been in existence for 30years. It was in the interest of the NCCE to emphasize on the good values that needs to be kept in constant practice for the Ghanaian democracy to be sustained. The students were encouraged to desist from copying from the western culture since it is not in line with the Ghanaian Values and are therefore not cherished in the Ghanaian society. They were encouraged to practice the duties of a citizen in article 41 which serves as the values and has been in practice since the inception of the 1992 constitution and has stood its test of time. OBJECTIVES The main objectives of the citizenship week celebration was to emphasize on reinvigorating our Ghanaian values in Ghanaian children and inculcating in them good citizenship. It further aims to: 1. Enable them develop good character traits in their development. 2. Remind young Ghanaians of their collective commitment to uphold and defend the 1992 constitution against interference. 3. To show interest in the study of the 1992 constitution as they have duty to understand the provision and apply it to their lives. 4. To imbibe in the child our Ghanaian Values such as patriotism, nationalism, unity, national cohesion, loyalty to the state and hard work as shared positive values which enforces good character development among children. ACTIVITY In implementing the citizenship week, the major stakeholders involved were consulted. The first to be consulted were the head teachers from the various schools selected within the Ablekuma North Municipal who received letters which explained the theme and the concept of the citizenship week celebration The next stakeholders to be engaged were the volunteers or resource persons form specific departments were consulted to assist in carrying out the citizenship week celebration program Interaction with the pupils were mainly centred on good Ghanaian Values and the role of the Ghanaian child in putting these values in practice for our democracy to be extended from 30 to a very long projected period of time some of these values include: Hard work and strong sense of self help spirit at home, community and school Patriotism, love for ones country. Nationalism our collective sense of one people despite different ethnic and tribal origins, sincerity, justice and fairness. At the end students were made to recite the Ghana pledge and promise to go by the words they recite in the pledge in an effort to make Ghana a great country. • Souvenirs should be provided for pupils as a form of reward to pupils who participate during the education program. • There should be pamphlets left with pupils to read over even after programs is over. In all, a total number of 50 schools were visited with a total beneficiary

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